Year 1 : 2011

Mrs Jo-Ann Mooney started as principal of the school. Started with Grade 1 only. There were 17 children in total and the first classroom was based at 5 Piercy Avenue on the Dynamic Kids property.

Year 2 : 2012

The school took up residence at 55 Piercy Avenue. The intake included 2x Grade 1 classes and the start of Grade 2 and 3. These classes were accommodated within the house and outbuildings. At the end of 2012, the new building at the back of the property was built.

Year 3 : 2013

In 2013 the intake included 2x Grade one and two classes. The school also grew as Grade 4, 5 and 6 were added. The school had a total of 108 learners. At the end of 2013, the new prefabricated classrooms were erected. Mrs Jo-Ann Mooney resigned her position as headmistress.

Year 4 : 2014

Mrs Lee-Anne Fisher took over as principal of the school. The intake included double classes from Grade 1-3 and then also included Grades 4,5,6 and 7. The year began with an intake of 161 learners

Year 5: 2015

We moved into a new premise and have doubled our Grade 4 class. The school continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

The Heart of DCS

The vision of Dunamis Christian school is to see every child become part of a community of life-long learners that embodies harmony, excellence, integrity, resilience, stewardship and commitment to fulfil their God given purpose.
Our Mission
To implement a relevant quality curriculum that will provide academic excellence and produce Godly character in students. To raise up Spirit filled children that will disciple nations of today and tomorrow. To equip learners with practical skills to excel in all areas of life. To fulfil the Great Commission.
Our primary role
To fulfill Gods purpose by providing Holistic Christian Education for students from different cultures to be Christ like, innovative and responsive to the needs and challenges of our times. School Culture At Dunamis Christian School, our children enjoy a comprehensive education from a Christian perspective. As a school we aim to provide a solid holistic foundation for a lifetime of learning.
Skills & Extra's
We provide cognitive skills assessment and programs that target the specific cognitive needs of children. In addition to instruction in language, mathematics and life skills our children have daily bible instruction and weekly assembly. Various sports & cultural activities, physical Education and Computer Literacy, form an integral part of the curriculum.

Goals & Values

This program is committed to an educational philosophy which does not follow the traditions of men, or the principles of the world, but after Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Colossians 2:8) Christian education means that Christ is central to education. Consequently, our educational theory, methods and practice must be built upon Christ as their cornerstone. Because there is only one God and one Christ, there is only one truth. This truth is the centre and criteria of Christian education. While the bible is not used as a textbook in every subject, it is the foundational handbook for every course and the standard for teaching.
To effectively achieve our goals and maintain our testimony as a Christian Educational institution for God’s glory, our Christian school as a community upholds: · Harmony in the home, school and country by instilling family orientated values and responsible citizenship. · Excellence in body, mind and Spirit by practicing healthy living, develop critical and creative thinking.
· To provide a dynamic curriculum that will teach all subjects in the framework of biblical authority and indirectly of biblical truth becomes framework for understanding each subject. · To develop in students a drive towards scholastic excellence, which would include the teaching of critical and creative thinking skills, mathematical and technological skills to solve problems as well as developing entrepreneurial skills.

Our Founders


Dr’s Hendrik and Phillicia Bester are the founders of Dunamis Christian school. Ten years before the school originated Dr Hendrik Bester was led to open a school, but not just any school. He dreamt of building a school that would develop children to be the best in every area of their lives. The school originated in January of 2011 with 12 children in the grade one class. 

Under the careful leadership and guidance of our founders, the school has grown rapidly, creating the need for two premises this year. Dr Hendrik and Philicia Bester continue to seek God’s face regarding the future of our school. We look forward to seeing the fulfillment of the wonderful promises that God has put in their hearts.


Dunamis Christian School Anthem
Dunamis Christian School Children of the Most High God We are wise in all we do With God given wisdom Having Rulership we take charge Obeying every word of the Lord Responsible for the future Leaders of tomorrow
With a servant heart we value education We impact our friends and family Discipling the nations CHORUS Dunamis Christian School Walking in our destiny Dunamis Christian School Were the leaders of tomorrow WISDOM, RULERSHIP AND SERVANTHOOD