Open Day 2018

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DCS Netball Team

We are very proud of our netball teams. They are doing extremely well withtheir matches. We are ecstatic to announce that they were chosen toparticipate in the Gauteng Nationals. This match will take place on 4th June 2016.Thank you to our dedicated learners and their coaches, job well done!

Names of the people in the photo: From the left: Kwakanya Dudula, Caitlynn Foster, Kea Ramoroka, RethabileRadebe, Cailynn Foster Back from left: Miss A Steyn, Biopela Moloka, KatlyMofo, Botle Sitjeo, Lesedi Khundla, Miss E Stewart

Open Days 2016-2017

Volleyball Day

Our junior learners at Dunamis Christian School surprised us all by taking first place in SACSSA’s mini-volleyball event, hosted on the 17th of February 2016. This is our first year, and further, our first term participating in their program. Many of our children have been dedicated to daily practice and drills.

With only a mere six weeks of practice, our learners took to the field making it look like they had been playing for years. Two of our learners were stung by bees on the day, but after a little first aid, they were back on the field like nothing ever happened. Now that is dedication to the team, go red and blue!!

Appreciation Day

On Friday 12th February, Dunamis Christian School hosted its annual Appreciation Day, fashion show. As per usual the learners did not disappoint, with their tailored suits and pretty dresses, the day was a success.

As the event has gained popularity, this year we decided to host the show in 90 Piecry’s children’s church hall. The sound system made all the difference. The audience has just as much fun as the model participants, as they sang along to the hits!

Award Ceremony

At year end we hold our annual awards evening. It is with great excitement that we prepare and decorate our venue according to a specific theme.We try to recognise as many children as possible, whilst adhering to our clearly defined award requirements.

Our awards are balanced to recognise all spheres of school life. We look forward to our next awards evening on 25 November 2015. Watch this space……

Dunamis has got Talent

Excitement flared and expectations were high as the learners were getting ready to set the stage alight with a unique production that would set the standard for years to come. The entire school from Grade 1-7 were involved. Each class performed a unique act that were tied together by a unique and creative storyline that took us on a cultural journey across the cultures and continents of the world.