Dunamis Christian School

Dunamis Christian school is a co-ed school offering English as the medium of instruction.
Teachers use multi-sensory, instructional approaches in small groups to teach Reading, Spelling, Writing and Handwriting skills. Various strategies are used to build important visual and auditory perceptual skills. Children are systematically taught phoneme awareness, phonics skills, reading and language, and comprehension. These methods are used in conjunction with the mainstream reading curriculum.
Mathematics is a small group, teacher-directed process that uses manipulative materials and student discovery to build a conceptual understanding of Mathematics. We guide the student to move from the concrete (manipulative materials to represent numbers or concepts) to the semi-abstract (drawings that represent numbers or concepts) to abstract (numerals to represent numbers or concepts). The conceptual base is built with the goal of helping the child obtain skill mastery and mathematical understanding.


Dunamis follows the CAPS curriculum. With smaller classes, we are able to provide individual attention and support to the learners in our care.The following subjects are taught per learning phase:
Foundation Phase – Grade 1-3
• Literacy – which includes the home language and the first additional language.. These two areas are broken up into Listening and speaking, reading and phonics and writing and handwriting. • Numeracy – which is Mathematics • Life Skills – which is a combination of the concepts of Social Science, Natural Science and Scientific and Technological processing skills. This area also covers exposure to the Creative Arts and Physical Education, while fostering an awareness of Personal and Social wellbeing.
Intermediate Phase : Grade 4-6
• Home Language-English • First additional Language-Afrikaans • Mathematics • Natural Sciences and Technology • Social Sciences- made up of History and Geography • Life Skills- this includes Creative Arts, Physical Education and Personal and Social wellbeing.
Senior Phase – Grade 7
• Home Language – English • First Additional Language – Afrikaans • Mathematics • Natural Sciences • Technology • Social Sciences – made up of History and Geography • Economic Management Sciences- The introduction of financial planning and Accounting • Life Orientation • Creative Arts

School Activities

DCS has Extra-Mural lessons are held within the school day, on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 13h30 to 14h30.
Computer classes
The basics of Computer Literacy are taught to the children on a weekly basis. They are then given projects to complete using the skills that they have been taught.
Reading classes
This time is used to take books out of the library and to read quietly or to have a story read to the children. Various activities are done during this lesson to foster a love for reading.
Assembly on a Wednesday morning

Extra-mural Activities

  • Netball
  •  Swimming in the Summer months
  • Mini soccer
  •  Cross-country
  • Choir
  • Art Club
  • Learning support classes
  • Eisteddfod

In addition Umdali offers Creative Art’s activities such as Hip-Hop and Drama at an additional cost to the parents.

Dunamis Christian School Staff

Rudolph Bekker

Acting Principal Intermediate Phase

Melissa Gardner

Principal Foundation Phase