Our Story

We are committed to building a school that our late founders Drs. Hendrik and Phillicia Bester pioneered and dreamed of.

Children are extremely important. Through training, mentoring and the best education possible our objective is to develop our learners as part of the great future that God has for them and the expected success that awaits them. At Dunamis Christian School we continuously create a culture of BELIEF AND APPLICATION

Our belief is, above all, in God and then in excellent education and of course our children. Every individual child is important and must be developed in becoming the best that they can be.

Our Founders: Drs. Hendrik and Phillicia Bester

Dunamis Christian School was established because of a vision birthed in the heart of Dr. Hendrik Bester.

He saw through his years how education was lacking and how schools were going backwards instead of forwards. He saw how many children were influenced in a negative way and became rebellious. He was deeply concerned for the deteriorating pass rate, the teacher-strikes and lack of care towards children.

Drs. Bester’s hearts were for children and teachers and they only wanted the best for them. They believed in creating a good and pleasant environment where both children and educators would be happy and relaxed, without any unnecessary pressures. They believed that there was always room for development and moving forward.

Saying all of this, Drs. Bester always aimed to have the best principal and best teachers with a heart for children, to ensure that children who attended our school would receive the best education- a foundational value that we still carry forward today.